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Rick Tabak Building Services Reviews

Rick Tabak's construction business is a well run organization that the people of the 1000 Island Area depend on daily.  Each one of Rick's entire crew is experienced in his own individual speciality of construction and is capable of completing any project.  They all display professional attitudes towards their profession as well as their customers and accomplish their tasks in a reasonable amount of time.  When Rick is called by a potential client, his response is immediate.  That is the reason his customers continue to call him any time a construction issue arises...they know that Rick will either come to the location himself or send one of his crew who may already be in the area.  There is no question that he will solve the problem, whether its a minor issue or a major project.  Construction is his business, so he & his crew are well known throughout the area of being dependable and congenial by individual homeowners as well as the businesses who sell them construction materials.

Rick's business also expands into the home maintenance department.  Island cottagers depend on Rick & his crew to open & close their seasonal cottages every year...making the necessary repairs that may occur over the winter or adjustment repairs that may need attention before winter.  These repairs are usually done after the customer leaves or before he arrives for the summer season.  That way he does not have to worry about any maintenance complications...Rick & and his crew have already solved any issues that may occur...even with the absence of the customer.  This says a lot about the confidence and trust every customer has for Rick's operation.  Only a successful company like this could possible gain the extraordinary of multiple clients from all over the northern continent.

Rick is just a local small town boy who has surrounded himself with an expert crew.  He has built up his business by being diligent, trustworthy, prompt, and competent towards everyone who deals with him.  It's not wonder that is clients usually all become his friends.

Mike and Gayla Heberling

Hill Island

We have used Rick Tabak and his team for over 15 years for work including a full cottage renovation, septic system work, deck replacement, plumbing and electrical, boat storage and general clean up. Rick also checks on the cottage over the winter and reports any problems. He has also represented us with dealings with the Township and Conservation authorities regarding approvals and permits. Rick is fair with his pricing, gives a quote for planned work and sticks to his prices. He has a skilled and friendly team of workers and always cleans up after each job. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any renovation or building work.

Garry Armstrong

Tar Island

Rick Tabak and his crew of many workers do great island work.  They show up on the promised date (or call in advance), bring all their own tools/equipment and leave the worksite neat and tidy.  Their work is well done and if problems arise, a phone call brings them back to fix it to our satisfaction.  We have used them for many years (plumbing, roofs, steps, foundation work, etc) and appreciate their service.  We highly recommend them!

Wendy and Bob Norman

"Rick Tabak and Crew, 


My guys for any jobs needing done finished and polished ! 

On time, reliable and hard working all with a smile on their faces :-) 

No one smokes around your home which is another huge plus for me.

From chimney cleaning to bathrooms complete reno and artisan well work... Rick's crew Travis, Ray and Jeff have worked here and always been absolute pleasures.  I would definitely recommend these guys 1st over any other experience I've had ! 

Been in my home 10 years these guys have only ever proven to be TOP NOTCH !"

Marla Fitzgerald

Rick has worked on our cottage for over 10 years. Owning and maintaining a cottage on the river can be challenging but Rick has always responds with answers and help quickly by phone, text or email. His prices are reasonable and fair and the people who work for him are great!


Rick has great ideas with new construction and remodelling; he will take on most jobs or find someone qualified to do a job.


Extra bonus: he's a Bruins fan which is our home team!​

Kate Logar

My wife Chris and I have had many renovations done by Rick and his great crew. Occasionally even on very short notice Rick and his crew have been here for us and have done excellent work. We never feel obliged to “oversee” the jobs and the staff are always punctual and work with very few breaks. We have been exceptionally happy with all their work and feel very confident to recommend Rick and his crew to anyone.

Al Bickerton

Rick and his crews have worked on many projects for ourselves and clients.  Our office has become a showpiece for us and the workmanship was second to none.  We wouldn't hesitate for a second to use Rick Tabak again whether it be on the mainland or on an island.

Tod Bickerton & Tony Chard


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